Jay Sizemore
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Making money on Medium is easy. It’s so easy in fact, everyone is doing it. How do I know everyone is doing it? Because every time I log into Medium I am told about it by a multitude of articles bragging about how easy it is to do.

I’m told…

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Hello, fellow Medium addicts. My name is Jay Sizemore. You may recognize me from such films as “The Poet With Borderline Personality Disorder” or “How to Alienate an Entire Genre of Writers in Five Easy Moves.” I actually have an undiagnosed case of mild Tourette’s Syndrome, which I believe was…

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In recent years there seems to be a push to legalize sex work, as in prostitution, more than I can ever remember. The tagline behind this movement, repeated over and over by its proponents is: “Sex Work is Work.”

I used to find myself generally agreeing with this sentiment. I…

Jay Sizemore

Provocative truth teller, author of 19 poetry collections. Cat dad. Dog dad. Currently working from Portland, Oregon. Learn more at: Jaysizemore.com.

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