The Worst Parts of 2020

Saying goodbye to one of the worst years in recent memory

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The Year of Conspiratorial Thinking:

2020 was the year the world decided to go full Alex Jones. It was the year that all the misinformation and bot networks on social media finally proved their value to the world, by convincing hundreds of thousands of people to join a cult that wears tin foil instead of white robes. It was the year of QAnon. The year of the Anti-Masker and the Covid Denier. The year of Plandemic. The year of Demon Sex and of hating Bill Gates. Finally, it was the year of Stop the Steal, where we have Donald Trump telling his legion of supporters that the election was stolen from him, and they believe it. Evidence? Who needs it. Expertise? Pffft. That’s what YouTube is for. Respected journalism? A thing of the past. Whatever comes next for the future, the damages done to rational thinking are going to be hard to course correct.

The Year of Irrevocable Loss

The Covid-19 pandemic has robbed the world of so much in 2020. Besides the numbers of casualties to the disease, which are astounding, especially in the United States, one of the few nations on the planet that decided to just say “fuck it, let’s just play golf,” the disease has also robbed us of the ability to obtain closure for the loss it has caused. It will be a long time before we are capable of realizing exactly the true measure of the magnitude of this disease. 2020 took from us so many family members and friends. It took from us priceless resources of talent and iconic figures of the art world, such as John Prine, one of the greatest songwriters to ever live.

The Year of Extreme Selfishness

2020 has highlighted like never before the toxicity of selfish thinking. It began in the early months of the year, when Covid-19 was first beginning to make headlines, and people reacted by panic buying, wiping the store shelves of necessity items such as toilet paper. These things became so scarce and in such high demand, that fist fights broke out in store aisles…over packages of toilet paper.

The Year of Great Divide

Besides deepening the ravine that separates those of political ideology, 2020 also saw the wound of racial divide reopened in America. With much racial tension brewing beneath the surface in a nation seemingly under the yoke of a president with ties to white supremacy, a president who still has Stephen Miller on his staff even after his emails were leaked that blatantly discussed white supremacist ideals in regard to immigration, the death of George Floyd acted as a catalyst for a period of civil unrest. Protests waged in cities across America for months, and saw yet another disparity between liberalism and conservatism marked by shouts from corners to either “defund the police” or to enforce “law and order.” The Trump Administration went so far as to declare cities such as Portland, Oregon and New York “Anarchist Jurisdictions.”

The Year of Isolation

The biggest impact of 2020 is yet another impact of the global pandemic, and that is the unparalleled level of isolation much of the world has faced in trying to combat the spread of this disease. For many of us, this has been a year without the usual social interactions we had likely taken for granted for most of our lives. We’ve had to live without things such as having friends over for drinks, going to see our parents, holidays, and even eating out at favorite restaurants. This has been the year of the Zoom meeting, the year of the quarantine, and the year of the pre-screen.

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