The Unexpected Benefits of a Global Pandemic

What if covid-19 was a good thing for climate change?

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Real and Present Danger

The warnings of Global Warming, now known as Climate Change, have been heard since the 1930’s, but they have largely been ignored. There have been various initiatives, and proposals, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, and stated goals of the United Nations, while more locally, the United States has the EPA and its national efforts to reduce atmospheric pollution (as long as those efforts are not rolled back by Republicans).

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climate graph, via NASA

The Pandemic’s Benefits to Climate Change

Perhaps the most influential stressor on the rapidity of Climate Change is the growth of the global population. The population of the planet has been booming, more than doubling since the 1970’s from 3.7 to over 7.8 billion people. With each of these inhabitants adding their own carbon dioxide emissions over time, among others, of course the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has also continued to balloon out of control in conjunction with the size of the population.

Food for Thought

All of this is just speculation of course. But whether or not governments have actually considered this tactic, it does seem like an outlier of a possibility. Regardless of execution, and regardless of its source, Covid-19 has had major impacts on the planet and society at large. In the long run, this impact will pale in comparison to that of Climate Change. Which is why, we should not think for one instant, that extreme measures are ever off the table, especially for governments of a totalitarian nature.

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