The Best Highlights of 2020

A look on the bright side of the last year

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Image by Akash Kumar Nayak from Pixabay

Donald Trump Was Impeached

No matter what side of the political aisle you sit on, surely everyone can agree that Donald Trump is the worst president in American history. Right? Ha. Just kidding. But really. He is.

2020 Was a Great Year for Art

It would seem that isolation sparks creativity for some, especially for musicians. 2020 was a banner year for new music releases. It saw great albums come out practically every month. With brilliant new records from the likes of Fiona Apple, Jason Isbell, The Strokes, Sturgill Simpson, and many others, there was no shortage of great music to keep you occupied. Heck, Taylor Swift released not one, but TWO surprise albums, in which she collaborated with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner/Matt Berninger of The National. Both of these albums are easily the best records of her career, carving a new path for her musically that shows a lot of promise and potential.

The Unity of Perseverance

While the pandemic ravaged much of the world and created much in the way of sadness and loss, not to mention isolation, it also provided a springboard from which humanity proved its boundless resolve and unity in the face of calamity. The enduring hopefulness of the human race was proven time and time again through acts of courage and togetherness, as the world bound itself together in the singular purpose of stopping the spread of covid-19, and trying to prevent needless death.

Some Monsters Got What They Deserved

Besides 2020 giving us the gift of Donald Trump’s impeachment, it also provided other examples of justice being served to a few notable monsters of human kind that probably assumed their wealth would protect them forever from the long arm of the law. Most notably Harvey Weinstein, rapist extraordinaire, was found guilty of rape in Los Angeles, despite his attempts at appearing in court as a frail old man having to use a walker.

Donald Trump Lost the 2020 Election

Despite Trump’s ardent showing of disputing the results, he was defeated in rather resounding fashion in the November 3rd general election. If he had won in such fashion, there is no doubt he would be calling it a landslide victory. Joe Biden flipped several key states from red to blue, reclaiming a lot of precious ground from the GOP. The states have already certified their results, and all that is left is for Congress to approve them with their vote on January 6th. There is no reason to believe this will not happen.

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