The 5 Real Secrets of the Insanely Wealthy

It’s not what you think

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Imagine winning the lottery. What a thrill to be the owner of the winning ticket, right? Beating those astronomical odds and suddenly knowing your days of worrying about money are over? Priceless. Now, imagine winning the lottery before you are even born. This is the real secret of most wealthy people. They didn’t do anything special to achieve that wealth, other than being lucky enough to be born into it.

Wealth Creates Opportunity for Wealth

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Cheat to Win

Money is power, and with that power comes the option to solve nearly every problem by simply paying for it to go away. The mega-wealthy understand this and they definitely use it to their advantage. And they take care of their own.

Profit Off the Work of Others

Slavery may have been mostly abolished throughout the world, but in reality it has just morphed into a kind of indentured servitude. Since governments have failed to meet the pressures of inflation, keeping wages mostly stagnant instead of raising them to accommodate the cost of living, the capitalist system has created a workforce dependent upon their corporate masters to survive.

Don’t Share the Wealth

The real key to becoming insanely wealthy is being insanely selfish. Jeff Bezos just became the first person on Earth to make over 200 billion dollars. This, while Amazon is only one of few companies valued at over a trillion. You can’t reach these monetary milestones by sharing your earnings with others. You have to hoard your wealth. You have to be a veritable Scrooge McDuck, taking a dive and a swim in your endless vault full of currencies.

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