That was a very long-winded way of saying basically you have a different opinion, but you fall prey to the same approach of presenting your difference of opinion as the only credible view to be had on a subject. I fundamentally disagree with this mindset, and if you can’t approach a subject as complicated as this one with the ideal that multiple perspectives can be had about a thing, and that is okay, then you are part of the problem. This mindset is why we now have people losing careers and platforms over subjective interpretation of art.

And my Golden Rule of art criticism applies to the art being critiqued. Never once did I assert a notion that all OPINIONS are created equal. That is hogwash, and again, part of the problem. All opinions are definitely not created equal. I’m not going to listen to a Flat Earther’s opinion on climate change for instance, just like I am not going to grant some random person who says they are a poet the credibility of a professional poet in regard to their concerns over a poem, and especially not the degree that I think people deserve to be fired over their opinion.

You disagree with my opinion. Great. Nobody cares.

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