How I Caught Covid… After Avoiding it for Nearly Two and a Half Years

Spoiler Alert: I went to a concert indoors without masks

Jay Sizemore
6 min readApr 24, 2022


Gojira performing on April 14, 2022

Today marks the sixth day since I tested positive for Covid-19. All things considered, I suppose I had a fairly mild case of the virus. I didn’t end up in the hospital. I didn’t end up on a ventilator. Still, I feel like an idiot for allowing it to happen.

How??? How did I catch this fucking virus after managing to avoid it for nearly two and a half years???


The easy answer is that I, like the majority of the American public, allowed myself to get lazy and complacent. I allowed the fatigue of taking precaution to overwhelm my sense of self-preservation. And thusly, once the mask mandates were released, I foolishly believed that largely the threat of repercussion from this virus was over. I stopped wearing my mask.

Millions of people are dead, sure. But not me, bitch. I’ve had my vaccines. I’ve had my booster. I’m practically invincible, walking around clad prominently as a peacock in the plot armor of my own existence.

I believed that my normal life was returning! Should I go to a concert in an indoor stadium with thousands and thousands of people clustered together, all maskless and free? Of fucking course I should.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE music. And going to rock concerts has been a part of my life experience that I have found endlessly rewarding and a valuable source of pleasurable memories for as long as I’ve been in the driver seat. I’ve been going to concerts and damaging my neck vertebrae since the ripe young age of sixteen.

For nearly two and half years I’ve watched with disappointment and disdain as concert after concert that I had tickets for was canceled or indefinitely postponed. Fucking Covid-19. It sucked the joy out of everything. No dining out. No movies. And no fucking rock shows.

But, now, things were coming back to life. The mask mandates were lifted. Vaccine rates were on the rise. We had faced Covid-19 in a long drawn out war for survival, and we had come away victorious. It was time to reclaim our hedonist pleasures.



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