The Amazon is burning,
sixteen million acres ablaze
but online today I learned
that the mask of Michael Meyers
is simply the face
of William Shatner painted white,
and man, that blew my mind.

The Amazon is burning,
but did you know
it’s not even the largest fire
raging on this planet right now?
20% of the world’s oxygen
they say, but I just took
a deep breath
and couldn’t tell a thing,
I think I’ll light up
another cigar.

The Amazon is burning,
but the president of Brazil
just refused the funds
the U.S. raised for aid.
Some have said he’s happy
to scorch the Earth,
to clear a path
for more real estate;
you only live once.

The Amazon is burning,
and Leonardo DiCaprio is sad.
He could have fit
on that floating door god damn it,
while all the world’s water
takes on the taste
of smoke,
and Netflix bought the rights
to the documentary
for less than they paid
to stream the sitcom FRIENDS.

The Amazon is burning,
and soon Greenland
will have melted into sand,
while Jeff Bezos
busies himself
polishing his skull
like he believes one day
it will replace the moon.

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