Delete Your Social Media

Change your life for the better by embracing personal privacy

Jay Sizemore
16 min readFeb 11, 2022


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I’m about to change your life. I’m not joking. This will be the best advice you’ve ever received. All you have to do is listen to me. Listen and take action.

Trust me.

Build a time machine. Go back and invest in Bitcoin… Just kidding.

I want you to delete all your social media accounts. Do it. Do it now. Do it and don’t look back. This is a serious cornerstone of personal happiness and fulfillment in the modern era. It is not only fundamental to that happiness, it is ESSENTIAL to that happiness. So, take action now before it is too late. Delete your Facebook account. Delete your Twitter account. Delete your Instagram. Delete your Tumblr. Delete your TikTok, your SnapChat, your Tindr, your Pinterest, WhatsApp, and NextDoor. All of these apps have infiltrated your life. They’ve hooked you worse than a heroin addiction. Right now I can feel you itching to check those notifications, to get that dopamine rush, to feed the monster. Repress that urge. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Like any true addict, you’re probably beginning to hate me right now, to resent me for even suggesting you cut yourself off from the very thing that supplies your brain with the chemical it craves. But trust me when I tell you, your dependency on that chemical is poisoning your mind, and it is inhibiting your quality of life. Social media is the bane of the modern world. It is literally killing society.

It’s manipulating us, it’s tracking us, it’s misinforming us, it’s enslaving us to the toxic feedback loop of our own self-importance.

Social media is a digital disease. Deleting it is the only cure.

I’ve tried other methods. I’ve tried setting time limits. I’ve tried turning off notifications. I’ve tried removing apps, whittling down connections, saying I would only use it for self-promoting work, etc, etc, etc. Nothing works. The power this technology harbors over the mind is simply too coercive. Too insidious. Too oppressive. Too ADDICTIVE.

At one point, my addiction to this drug was so bad that I resorted to placing my phone all the way across the room to charge before I went to bed. Why? Because my brain was so…



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