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Jay Sizemore

The writer your mother warned you about

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Hello, fellow Medium addicts. My name is Jay Sizemore. You may recognize me from such films as “The Poet With Borderline Personality Disorder” or “How to Alienate an Entire Genre of Writers in Five Easy Moves.” I actually have an undiagnosed case of mild Tourette’s Syndrome, which I believe was caused by a brain injury I suffered in 2006. This condition is triggered by disturbing thoughts I have, and routinely causes me to shout unintelligible syllables at random moments, and it always makes my wife laugh.

A short story inspired by The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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As Greg Stillson awoke one morning from frightful dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a Trump supporter.

An old ethics question raises the hypothetical dilemma of the value of life

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A philosophy professor at Portland State University, Peter Boghossian, went viral this week when he posed an old ethics question to his 124k followers on Twitter. He simply asked, “If the Louvre were burning and you could only save the Mona Lisa, or an old dog, which would you save?”


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~after Jane Austen

A hypothetical list of terrifying scenarios you would probably hope to avoid

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As an occasional reader and writer of horror fiction, I often find myself pondering what could be the absolute most terrifying situation I could find myself in. I’ve asked friends to tell me what they are most afraid of. I’ve created surveys to see which would be worse, scenario A or scenario B, all in the hopes of trying to better understand the human emotion of fear and how to engage this emotion for more provocative responses to my fiction.


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This poem will make you famous


An exclusive interview

AP photos/John Locher

You may have heard the news. Some big changes were just announced on Medium, and they are doing away with Medium-backed publications on the platform. Word is, this has to do with Joe Biden seeing his feed flooded with Erotica content, due to how the algorithm picks popular reading topics for new users.

A poem written in response to the Boulder, Colorado shooting

Photo by Bexar Arms on Unsplash

Death by any other name
is still the sound of a siren,
and this conversation is a gun
being fired into the barrel
of another gun.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League exceeds expectations in every way.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League still image 2021

Let me be the first to admit it: I was wrong. Before the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League was even ready for release, I was more than willing to hate it. This had very little to do with the actual quality of the film itself and had more to do with a set of presumptions I was making based on the toxicity of the culture that necessitated its creation.

Jay Sizemore

Provocative truth teller, author of 14 poetry collections. Cat dad. Dog dad. Currently working from Portland, Oregon. Learn more at:

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